Lost our heart in Sweden!

Since our first visit we have been sold on this beautiful country. During the many holidays that followed, the pure life, spacious feeling and tranquility encouraged us to take the step. We started our life in Sweden with our son Sten in 2016. Our family expanded in 2018 with the arrival of our son Jim and in 2021 with our son Devin.

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Who are Rick Nijhof and Annelotte Grotemarsink?

Rick grew up in Twenterand. He spent his childhood mainly in the woods and he also enjoyed fishing. He also spent a lot of time making Scandinavian knives, see Skandi Knivar. Because of Skandi Camp this is now on the back burner. Annelotte grew up as a farmer’s daughter in Stegeren and enjoyed the space that the countryside has to offer. She has been a professional photographer since 2011, see Photo Design Annelotte. She still often travels to the Netherlands to photograph weddings, which she enjoys a lot.

About Skandi Camp

After our decision to leave for Sweden, it took a number of years for us to find our place. During this time we have immersed ourselves in the country and started taking lessons to learn the Swedish language. In the spring of 2016, an opportunity came our way. It felt like now or never. Fully behind our decision, we have chosen not to miss this beautiful place, located on a lake, in the middle of the pine forests of the province of Jämtland. Jämtland is considered one of the last untouched nature reserves in Europe.

Skandi Camp, an idea born from our passion for Sweden. Adventure and fun are two characteristics that we consider important. We want to offer guests the opportunity to discover and experience beautiful Sweden, where adventure and fun prevail.

Skandi Camp has now grown into a successful holiday accommodation with adventurous activities. We have found that we really enjoy the groups that come to us and have fun with them for a week with our adventurous activities.

The previous owner of our home was a well-known Swedish author, Anna Walhgren. Anna wrote books about raising children and has a number of bestsellers to her name. She has 9 (now adult) children, for whom she had several cabins so that everyone could stay overnight. She also had buildings built to give lectures and courses and to organize parties. A number of Anna Walhgren’s personal elements can still be found with us at Skandi Camp. A special place with its own story.

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What is there to do at Skandi Camp?

Sweden has a pleasant continental climate, which generally means relatively dry and warm summers and harsh winters. The different seasons are beautiful and provide a fantastic travel destination. Experience winter in its purest form. Check off your bucket list with unforgettable activities at Skandi Camp, such as discovering winter wonderlands on a snowmobile, with an ice fishing rod and, last but not least, with a dog sled. There are also opportunities for cross-country skiing and skiing/snowboarding on a nearby slope. There is even an entire ski area within a short travel distance.

Beavers, moose, bears, deer and lynx are a number of wild animal species that can be spotted and photographed in the area. In addition, there are several lakes in the nearby nature reserves with the opportunity to fish for öring (brook trout), röding (salmon trout), harr (greyling) and/or rainbow trout. The popular Gimån River, known as one of Northern Europe’s best trout waters, is only a short distance from Skandi Camp. Sweden is the country of freedom of choice with plenty of space and beautiful nature reserves, where you can camp adventurously and make a cozy fire.

Experience organized activities at Skandi Camp, cozy evenings by the campfire, fun in the snow, a refreshing dip in the lake or enjoy a warming sauna visit. Who knows, you might get the chance to admire the magical light show of the Northern Lights. In short, a holiday where adventure and fun predominate and where you have many options for an unforgettable holiday.

We have various accommodations, our exclusive holiday home ‘Moose’ for up to 18 people! This holiday home is suitable for families, groups of friends or company outings.

Skandi Camp is open all year round, renting out holiday homes and activities. Our campsite is open variable every year from the end of May to the end of August. To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you contact us in advance to reserve an overnight stay, for both our holiday homes and the campsite.

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