Summer activities of Skandi Camp

Skandi Camp makes your summer holiday in Sweden unforgettable. Go for the summer package or put together a personal program to make your holiday a top holiday.


Adventure and fun

Program per day

We have included the most popular activities in our summer program. From adventurous to relaxing: there is something for everyone. What is certain is that you will experience the real Sweden these days!

Create a personal program

Would you like to put together a personal program? This is of course also possible at Skandi Camp. We ensure that your summer holiday in Sweden perfectly matches your wishes.


From the water you see things that you would otherwise never have seen. Sweden has countless lakes and rivers to discover by canoe! Skandi Camp’s canoe trips have something for everyone. You can sail on the adjacent lake near the accommodations, but you can also go a little further away by canoe. We organize family trips on a quiet river, adventurous trips on a river with stronger currents and multi-day canoe trips with overnight stays in tents and hiker’s huts. 


Sweden is one of the favorite fishing spots among anglers. You can fish all year round in Sweden, but in summer bass and pike fishing and fly fishing are the most popular. At Skandi Camp we can also tell you everything about cleaning and preparing the fish. 

Holiday in Sweden

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Multi-day hikes

Join us on an adventure and trek from hut to hut with a guide. With the multi-day trek you will discover the beautiful wilderness of Sweden on foot, where you will experience the diversity of nature and sleep in a different hiker’s hut or tent every night. 


With climbing ropes, climbing harnesses and harnesses you can embark on a climbing adventure at Skandi Camp and climb the Gastsjö mountain together with a guide. The guide will teach you the correct techniques and after an adventurous climb a beautiful view awaits you. An active adventure with a dose of adrenaline and challenge! 


You can enjoy wonderful hiking around Skandi Camp. Discover nature, marvel at the deserted forests and even spot small game. Skandi Camp organizes different types of hikes. Are you going for a guided walk to a nearby mountain top, a dropping with GPS, setting out wildlife cameras or a multi-day hike with overnight stays in hiker’s huts and tents? 


In Sweden, shooting sports in combination with hunting are very popular. The activities we offer are clay pigeon shooting and small caliber shooting. In clay pigeon shooting you shoot buckshot at a clay pigeon (a kind of saucer). In small caliber shooting you shoot with a rifle or pistol at a fixed target.

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Photo shoot

How nice is it to have a photo shoot with your loved one or with the whole family in the beautiful nature of Sweden? As you may have already read, Annelotte is a professional photographer with a passion for capturing emotions.

Husky tour

A husky ride in the winter is extremely popular, but how about a husky ride in the summer? Near Skandi Camp there is a kennel with husky dogs which is great fun to visit and when it is not too hot there are options for a husky tour for two people.